Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oh Saturday!

Most Saturday mornings are quiet in our house.  The little boys are off for their weekend visitation to Tete and then a couple of hours at their dad's house.  This weekend is the school carnival.  Unfortunately one has been in trouble so no carnival for him, but one still gets to go, which means that one has to stay with me. 

Anyway the little toads were up at 6 am!  On a Saturday! Their momma was at work, which meant that DH and I were up at 6 AM.  Also because they have been in trouble, there is no TV, computer, or video games, which means they have to interact together.  We are talking a 5 1/2 year old and a  4 year old.  Boys. 

What have I accomplished this morning.  I did get almost 1 whole side of a quilt quilted.

I don't know if you can see the blue border with the quilting but I am getting faster!

 I told you we live on a farm, in the DH family's ancient farmhouse.  Last year when I asked if we could take out a door which came straight into the kitchen and family room most of the family raised their eyebrows, but during the winter it made the house extremely cold!  Therefore a sun room which had been sitting empty and unfinished for quite a while was finished, painted, floored and molding installed, and a door and screen door moved, and a temporary porch built.  It is now the mudroom.  For those of you who live in more civilized areas why a mudroom?

See this?  It is a driveway, and also a gigantic mud hole.  Given a chance the little boys will be out in it in a blink of an eye.  Yesterday was no exception.  Imagine if you will Spiderman, and a green and purple dinosaur in boots. 

This is the aftermath. 

And this happened to my mudroom floor. 

To get to my original point.  The offender who shall remain nameless, and unable to attend the carnival and I will be cleaning the mudroom.  Then after it dries I will lay out my Ginger Rose quilt to measure borders.

I need 8 inches around the quilt.  I can't quite decide if I like the red and black.  Red 3  inch border and black 5 inche border, or maybe a little narrower for the red/orange. 

Or this layout.  Hmmm choices, but hey a couple of UFO's are getting completed, and my house is getting clean with child labor.  Maybe Saturday isn't so bad after all.


  1. I like the black border first and then the orange.
    Oh, that driveway sure is messy. Oh,I think you have some disappointed boys!

  2. Kids are a riot, aren't they? lol I prefer the black border and then the orange also. I'm surprised you got that much quilting done with the boys there. Good for you.


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