Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 10 Happy Birthday Mom!

 I know my mother reads my blog when she is not traveling, or hunting, or fishing, or taking care of the great grandkids (OK my grandkids) she is fortunate enough to live near them, while I live far away.  I envy her ability to spend time with Lillian, Aubri and Cayden. 

I wrote here that I made her a little something for my mom's birthday here.  I made her these:

Spool pin doily for her featherweight that DH and I gave her when she visited earlier this year.
Strawberry pincushion with emery powder, and steel wool to keep her pins sharp.  I also sent her a quilt pattern that she had seen that she wanted. 

Day 10 of  Thankfulness I am thankful for health insurance.  I know that huge changes are coming to our country soon and it is very scary for everyone.  I have friends who live in Canada with their socialized medicine and I remember one that her husband needed a pacemaker and stint.  They waited for almost 2 years before he received his surgery.  It was a long 2 years for her and her spouse.  He got so ill he could not work, and they struggled.   I have been having some health concerns.  I called the doctor got in the same day.  I needed a CT scan and was in within one week. (Yes I am thankful for my mother but I already used that one (I know my mom reads my blog)). 

I did a lot of hand sewing today and finally finished my binding while I had my feet up and watched "The Murdoch Mysteries". By the time I was finished it was too dark to take a picture of my finish.  Maybe tomorrow I can get a picture or two of it!


  1. Hey now.....don't be getting sick on us. What's going on? .... I love those pin doilies ! I am gonna have to make a strawberry pin cushion as much as I like them !

  2. Hope the scan show nothing bad.
    sweet gifts for your mom


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