Saturday, November 30, 2013

Surviving Thanksgiving

Did you survive Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and small business Saturday? 

I survived Thankgiving and went to the SIL even though DH was working.  I drove the ancient Aunt and Uncle so they could enjoy dinner with the family too.

Friday we went to a viewing of one of DH friends.  Ruth was an elderly lady, and DH is good friends with all of the family including her sister and brother-in-law.  There was a slide show of pictures going above the casket.  While I was not fortunate enough to have ever met her she looked so vibrant, full of life and happiness.  I am told she was truly a sweet and kind woman.  She will be sorely missed by all, but her family was joyous during this sad occasion that she was in a better place where there was only joy, happiness, and no more sorrow, suffering or pain. 

I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving.  I feel that people should have the opportunity to spend the day with their family without the threat of being fired if they do not want to work. 

Black Friday, again I refuse to shop because watching the way people act takes the joy out of the season, and negates what we are preparing to celebrate. 

Today DH worked, and I started to do some deep cleaning of the house.  I also managed to get my table runner completed.  OK I still need to stitch down the corners but it is all quilted and bound.

I did some stitch in the ditch.  I also did some pebbling.
And some FMQ.  Ok my flower is not centered but I think it came out kind of nice.

I love it when I finish something and I am getting so I am much more confident so maybe it is time to start working on Ginger Rose.  After I finish my Christmas Exchange table topper that is. 


  1. We don't have Thanksgiving, or Black Friday here but the shops are only legally bound to close for 2 days in the year, Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. I wonder why anyone would want to shop on those days, but there we are!

  2. Oooo pretty fabrics ! I didn't shop either...I sewed .


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