Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In Laws and Out Laws

I am thankful for my "new" family of inlaws and outlaws.  They say when you marry someone you don't marry the family.  I would like to say Pshaw! If they are too involved they can cause many problems.  I try very hard to not say anything negative about my daughter's spouses or significant others, at least to them.  My husband and I may discuss certain things but to me it is the surest way to cause derision if you say I think Bubba there needs to lose a few pounds, or I think Diego needs to help with the kids more.  Cause sure as rain in Oregon, they will repeat my momma doesn't like you because your are fat, or you are a bad dad. So like my grandmother used to say if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Michigan.  No wind, sun, but cold I don't think the temperature rose about the mid 40's all day.  I only sewed a few stitched yesterday though.  I had to take advantage of the lovely weather. 

Cleaned up this shelf in the garage.  I have a heater out here and everything.  I am going to experiment with making chalk paint to paint it with.  I have heard it has a wonderful finish and then you use paste furniture wax to seal it.  This will go on the wall in the sewing room to hold part of the stash.  Here it is actually sitting upside down. 

Raked all of the leaves out of my flower beds after the windstorm on Sunday night.  DH will finish them off today if the weather holds. 

I also dug up my Dahlia tubers to store for the winter. 

Then I worked inside. 
See this wallpaper border?  It is leopard strip.  While Samantha loved it while she lived here, Gabe was not a fan and was always peeling off slivers.  This is going to be the room where my quilting frame is going to go. Me I am not a fan of the leopard print, nor the colors on the wall. So I managed to get all of the wallpaper off the wall in this room yesterday too. 

I did finally manage to get all of these trimmed.  So I just have 19 blocks to put together and I will have part 3 of the Lazy Sunday Mystery done.  Then onto the Christmas Exchange Project....(Key sinister music).

Today is prep day more on that later. 

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  1. Your grandmother was so right with that saying wasn't she? As for you, you had a very busy day I think.


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