Sunday, November 17, 2013

Peeling Wallpaper and the Internet

Today I was contemplating what I am thankful for and after attempting to catch up with my e-mail decided that even though Pinterest makes me crazy with all of the posts at times.  I am thankful for the internet.  It allows me to keep in touch with my family and friends far away with pictures, and other little daily things.

Today DH was home, he was called in this evening but decided to stay home instead.

I sewed a bit this morning and trimmed.
See all those slivers.  I would love to get this step done so I can start working on a Christmas Exchange gift exchange for my Batik Swap group.  I need to get going on this so I can get it in the mail by the first of December. 

Then since the weather was wet it is time to start working on the inside. We managed to get 2 walls done with the wall paper and the paper border off.

While it looks like it is gray it is actually this ugly minty blue/green which is not very appetizing.  I don't think the wallpaper was put on correctly.  DH had actually put up brand new sheet rock up years ago and then the family painted and put up the wallpaper.  When you wet the wallpaper it actually bubbles the paint underneath and soaks into the sheet rock.  We are going to have to put a skim coat of mud  then sand before we prime and paint.  Argh and of course DH wants to get it done soon.  That is alright tomorrow he is back to work and I have a sewing day.

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