Friday, November 22, 2013

For A Cup of Coffee

I know you make think this is silly but today I am thankful for coffee.  I love my coffee!  I drink several cups throughout the day.  I take my coffee with a little cream and sugar and while I use a non dairy liquid creamer DH said he really thought I should probably not chance it since I was not supposed to have any dairy products the day before my procedure.  Guess who was not a happy girl. :(

My procedure went well, the prep was horrific!  The day after, I was told I cannot drive.  What does that mean, it means that cannot work anymore on my Christmas Exchange project. I was only making one block I read the pattern, and have you ever had this happen?  They give you the fabric amounts so many fat quarters, so much backing, etc.  Obviously telling me I need 4 1/2 yards of the background fabric did not register with my pea brain.  4 1/2 yards for 9 complete blocks would be 1/2 yard per block.  Yep I am short background fabric and did not even realize it until I had all the smaller pieces cut.  I will at least get the other parts sewn together.

I pulled Jane out and decided to sew on her since it had been a while.  DH is working tomorrow so I will run to the post office to mail the green strips since that swap is completed.  Then off to the LQS to go get more of the background fabric and get my Christmas swap done.

Tonight we are going to run to the youngest daughters so I get a baby Finn fix, well he isn't exactly a baby anymore since he is 10 months old already.  My how time flies. 

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