Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's Your Turkey Name

Not too sure how many of you Facebook but every now and then someone will post something silly.  This one I loved the other day.

I would be Hot Bunns Cornucopia, my husband would be Yammy Tryptophanny, and the youngest daughter would be Yam Bam Pumpkin Pie, but we decided our favorite was Finn who would be Gizzard Wishbone Jones.  I know silly but it tickled our funny bones, or since it is almost Thanksgiving it tickled our Wishbone.

The ongoing saga of the broken oven.....

DH and I are going to be remodeling the kitchen in the next couple of years, and I wanted a gas cooktop with 5 burners since we can a lot, and a wall oven since I am getting older. Also I would love to have a griddle that I could cook pancakes or grill steaks on during the long winter here in Michigan.  I could not see spending thousands of dollars for a range, but also could not see spending almost $300 to fix a stove which was only about $500 new.

Since I go to a lot of estate sales, and auctions  DH suggested that maybe I could find a stove there.  I only found one oven in the hundreds of sales I reviewed, it was down by Dayton, Ohio, it was an auction which was not over until the first week of December and it was already at $200!   I also was looking on Craigslist and was not having a whole lot of luck.  Finally I saw one stove on Craigslist for $150 it was just like ours.  The ad said 2 of the burners are not working.  Um no not for that stove, and 2 burners not working come on!  I returned to the main listings, and a brand new listing popped up. Gas stove and it was nearby.  DH called, we grabbed the appliance dolly, jumped into the truck and headed over.  An older gentleman who had recently lost his spouse after a long illness was selling the stove.  While not new, it was very clean, and we spent?  $50 --The Almighty knows our needs and provides!  I still will be cooking pies in the toaster oven, and the turkey in a turkey roaster.  Today I am thankful for what the almighty provides if you just trust.
 I did my run to the LQS and got my fabric to finish up Swoon Block 2 or the infamous "back up block".  Turned out gorgeous!  Even my points are good.  Now to get it all quilted up, it will be a beautiful table topper.  For those of you not familiar with this pattern each block is almost 25 inches!

I have some cooking to do so better get a going.  


  1. What great good luck that you happened to be online when that ad appeared. I bet you were a very happy lady!

  2. we have the same turkey name.
    Yes, God is good. Love your block.

  3. Love my toaster oven,baked two cheesecakes, 2 sweet potato casseroles in mine - 1 at a time! LOL
    I borrowed m friends turkey roaster for the turkey though! LOL


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