Thursday, November 7, 2013

Golden Fall Day

Yesterday was a wet and blustery day.  DH stayed home from work he had a test to take at the State for his certifications.  When he came home came home it was too cold and rainy for any of his planned activities, so, we went to a little Mexican grocery store and picked up a bag of tamales for lunch, and then stopped at the lawnmower store to pick up a part for the log splitter.  (We heat with wood, and while we get our wood for free from the municipality DH works for it is "BIG" wood--translate huge logs that need to be split several times in order to use.)  Sew not much sewing. 

Day 5 of Thankfulness.  I am thankful for my 5 beautiful daughters.  We love them all, they are sweet, infuriating, loving, and overall the kind of kids you can be proud of even if there are times you just shake your head in amazement.  Which makes me realize that DH's mother and mine too probably still do the same thing!  Yikes.

I wanted to share pictures of the golden autumn day.  The vibrant oranges, golds, and reds.  The morning sunlight shining through the leaves makes it look like shimmering gold. 

I finished my mother's gift lots of hand sewing but I am thrilled by how it turned out.  I then went to block something else I made to send to her, and I did not realize that I had bleack stuff on the iron.  So I cleaned the iron, scrubbed the item and reblocked.  Waiting for it to dry, tomorrow I will have to get it into the mail.  On her birthday I will share what I sent. 

I did have a wee bit of time to sew though.  I worked on one of the farmer's wife blocks.

Paper piecing is not my forte'.  I also don't think that whomever created this paper pieced pattern thought it through well.
My spider's web block.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.  My stripes even look good!  I saw the striped fabric and had to have it I thought it would look sweet in my farmer's wife quilt, and it was on closeout and I bought several yards for $4.00 per yard!

Hope your day is Golden too!

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  1. lovely fall photos. the center of your block turned out really great. Sometimes it is hard to get the center just right. Well done!


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