Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You is Kind

I am not too sure how many of you have read the book "The Help" or seen the movie.  I saw it and was astonished, but then as I thought about it there are many people in the world who are unkind.  Mean may be another word for it.  In the movie Abilene teaches one of the children, "You is smart, you is kind, you is special."  Imagine a world where more people were kind.  I was always taught to be kind to others or "The Golden Rule" as some of you know it.  As I get older I realize that I was fortunate to be taught love, kindness, and compassion because I see it in way too few people anymore.  I am thankful my family taught me kindness.

My quilty friend Missy over at Missy's Homemaking Adventures had an unspoken prayer request a few days ago.  A few days later she asked for assistance in making a rail fence quilt for a friend, basically asking her quilty friends to make a block or two, or however many.  I stewed on it for a day because I know how my time is allotted currently and thought I can probably whip together one or two.  I actually made 4, and they are winging their way to Missy as I write this post.

I can't wait to see what she comes up with. 

I am not too sure about you but my favorite quilts to make are simple, and the ones that I have donated.

Do something kind today.


  1. I read that book too, and found it really thought provoking. You're right though, there's not enough kindness in the world today is there?

  2. They look great, I should get them this weekend! Thank you!


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