Friday, November 1, 2013

November Goals

November 1, happy birthday Aubri Jo!  Ever feel like you are stacking up some serious UFO Karma?  OK not all of mine are UFO some are WIP which in my weird way of viewing the world are that I work on them at least once a month.  Then there are those which are truly sliding precariously toward the UFO edge.  What is worse is that I am creating more each month. 

Here is my list of shame....hanging her head in disgust...

1.  Magic Carpet Ride finish the binding.  I mean goodness gracious girl it is hand stitching, not like you don't sit and watch television with DH in the evening, pick up a needle and work.
2.  Finish the quilting on my Star Crossed Table Runner, and of course bind.
3.  Ginger Rose if it is all pinned and ready to quilt can it become a UFO.  I am thinking if I don't work on it soon it is easing to that very quickly.  Plus I need the pins in it to do a Christmas quilt. 
I know, I know I could always just run out and buy more pins too.
4.  Lazy Sunday Mystery
I am two parts behind, and just hanging out isn't getting me anywhere.
5.  Country Charmer-  Another one sliding close to a UFO.  Want to know what is really bad about this one?  I have a lot of it all cut, it just needs to get sewn. 
6.  Jewel Box quilt.  Another sliding toward the abyss of UFO.  And I love this quilt, and I have more than enough fabric to make it. 
7.  The Quilty Barn along.  Reminder to all of you farmer's with Barns languishing in your sewing room.  They state they are taking the tutorials down at the end of December so either print them out or get to gathering them eggs!  I finished all the normal barns yesterday.  Now for all the sashing, lots of white, then digging through the stash trying to find pieces long enough (oh the perils of buying fat quarters at times!).  As of today I have 3 more barns with Silos to finish and I will be caught up. 

8.  Farmer's Wife I am going to stick with my goal of 8 blocks per month.
9.  I need to make a couple of more donation quilts, not like I do not have the fabric!  Geeze o pete!
10.  While it is not a UFO, my mother has a birthday coming up and I have a little something, something to make her. 
11.  Family Room curtain number 2 I almost forgot! 
12.  Maybe I will get to work on one of the bazillion other UFO's I have sitting around and just do as Larry the Cable guys says, and "Git er done!"

If I get a couple of things done, or at least to the flimsy pile I could work on something new right?

What are your big plans for November?


  1. I love the colors in your Ginger Rose quilt. They are gorgeous! The pattern and set are beautiful, too.

  2. Lots of stuff on your plate for November. Don't you hate when things fall into the UFO abyss? That is how I got into so much trouble. LOL


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