Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Oh to sleep to dream.  Today I am thankful for sleep.  What is it about getting older that you don't sleep much or well?  Aches and pains show up and become unwelcome bed partners.  Obviously I needed some sleep because I slept well past 8am this morning....ahem OK past 8:30.  I must have needed it!  I am thankful for the rest of a good sleep, or nap if I can catch one occasionally.

I have been agonizing for days about a Christmas Exchange that I signed up for.  I explained in this post.  I know these are supposed to be fun, but for some reason I always get all worked up.  I had several ideas which I really should at least sketch out.  None seemed manageable in the time I have.  One idea was a Lonestar type of quilt made up of 3 colors with the largest star point being 3 diamonds wide.  This block measures 14 inches. 
But then I remembered I had to use what was in my stash! 

This is my batik stash.
OK just part of my batik stash but if you look closely every piece is either a 2 1/2 inch strip, a 5 inch square or possibly a fat quarter.   Which won't get me far making the lone star.  Also not much blue especially icy blue!

I then started thinking about something snowflake looking for a pattern.  I found dozens on Pinterest, and wouldn't a feathered star be spectacular?  But I have never made a feathered star even though I own a book.  I then saw a Swoon quilt done in Dark colors and thought that is kind of snowflakey looking.  The Swoon  was created by Camille Roskelley and is sold through Thimble Blossoms. I was told by Amy at A Quilting Sheep that a Swoon block measures about 25 inches!  Yeah bigger than a mug rug but doable right?  Reading the pattern it is made up of fat quarters....that is getting closer to what I have hanging around.

I have been digging through my stash and this is what I found so far. 
Not too sure about the dark.  Maybe a small jaunt to the LQS is in order.  Hey 1/2 yard of 3 fabrics would make 2 swoon blocks.  I mean you always make a sample before making the final right? 

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  1. I can picture that block in those fabrics and it will be very pretty. I kind of stress out about swaps too.


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