Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lazy Sunday on a Lonely Saturday

Day 14 of Thankfulness.  I am thankful for my 5 beautiful daughters.  We are a blended family, even though the children were all grown up when we got married.  We look at it as we have 5 daughters.  They are all amazing in their own right and I am proud of each and every one of them for their journeys they have taken in their life, because with each journey comes enlightenment.

Last night I drove into town (ok not really that far about 15 miles, but with all the traffic, and road construction ends up being 45 minutes) to have dinner with DH and then attend The City of Wyandotte Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.  DH works for the municipality therefore he got to work. 

DH got up early this morning to go back to work.  It is the Holiday Kickoff parade, and Blitzen in the Dot the pre-parade race.  DH will man the barricades to keep everyone safe, then help clean up after the parade.  The possibly they will finish the day doing leaves.  It is leaf season for them, which means all the homeowners rake or blow their leaves to the street by the curb, and the city crew goes through, one guy rakes them into the street so the guy on the back of the truck and suck them up with a big vacuum type sucker. 

DH as he was leaving today must of had a rough morning, 5am comes very early.  I heard the door open and close several times which woke me up.  I stumbled downstairs, grabbed a cup of coffee, and headed to the sewing room.  I sewed and trimmed, and sewed some more and trimmed and pinned.  Then I definitely needed a nap!  I awoke and thank goodness for Bonnie Hunter and quiltcam.  It came in quite handy to have a voice in the house, and I sewed, and trimmed some more.
I have part of these sewn, and trimmed.
All of these sewn, and partially trimmed.
Another couple of blocks built.
And lots of left over HST.  I think I know what is to become of these. 


  1. In the UK we don't have anything like your leaf collections. Some people rake up their own garden, but the streets are never done, so they blow into the drains, clog them up, and then the powers-that-be are suprised when we get flooded streets!

  2. sounds like a nice weekend. you got a lot of sewing done. not me.


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