Friday, November 8, 2013

Running Errands

Once upon a time I hated to stay home.  That was back in the day when I worked full time.  I always wanted to go, go, go.  Over the past couple of years though, maybe it is that I love who I am with, and where I am live I love to stay home.  Maybe it also helps that I can sew my little heart out.

Today I had to run errands.  I got everything together, and started off.

1st stop Hallmark-  card for mother, SIL, and grand daughter birthdays
2nd stop Starbucks- gift card for daughter for birthday (already have a card)
3rd stop Burger King- to grab something to eat
4th stop-  Village Post office mailed, strips for strip swap, mothers gifts and cards, Grand daughter's birthday card with "cash" for toys per her request, and SIL birthday cards
5th stop-  Dollar store for liquid fabric softener to get back to work on removing the wallpaper from the dining room.  Now that the weather is cooling back to working on the inside of the house.

Boy was I happy to get home!

Day 6 of thankfulness-  I am thankful for my parents.  They have stood by me in good times, bad times, and while we may not always see eye to eye.  I am fortunate they are still both alive and kickin'!

I did a little bit of sewing today.  I made 2 Farmer's Wife blocks.
Wild goose chase
Farmer's Daughter

I managed to get three finished so far this month.
OK I have totally fallen off the wagon trying to quilt every day for an hour.  Between my late afternoon appointment yesterday, and the errands today, and looking for a survey stake this afternoon I just lost track of time. 



  1. we won't hold it against you for not sewing an hour every day. :0)
    I enjoy being home. When I have to run errands I can't wait to get back home most times.

  2. I am 100% a homebody. LOVE to stay home and never leave the house. =)


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