Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Homeownership and Day 4 of Thankfulness

Happy Wednesday or Hauwmp day as the Camel on the commercial says.  

Today I am thankful for a beautiful home which keeps me warm, and dry, and at times very busy.
Yesterday was the busy part.  I married into home ownership, I have not owned a home of my own for a very long time.  I will complain about it but I love every minute of it too.  The leaf raking, getting into the poison ivy so that I was stripping on the porch so I would not drag it through the house (yeah, um story left for another time).

While I was at work yesterday,  DH sent me a text the septic tank needed cleaning and someone needed to call to have it fixed. I texted back who are you going to call.   DH promptly called me to tell me that I needed to find a septic tank cleaning company.  I asked him don't you have one you have used before since you lived here for so long?  The silence at the other end of the phone spoke volumes.  Yeah I guess not let me get right on that when I get home.

Sounds easy peasy right?  Look on the internet for a local septic/sewer clean out company.  I like to patronize the local businesses and there is actually one in the village near where we live.  I called--

Septic company:  How big is your tank?
me:  I don't know it is underground.
Huge sigh on the other end of the line.
Septic company:  Do you have the dirt off of the top of it?
me:  It has a hatch which we can open and look into it.
Septic company:  ok is it big enough that a line can go down into it?
me:  Depends on what kind of line.  I have seen the hubby stir it with a shovel.
Septic company:  Is this an emergency?
me:  yes and no.  The toilets won't flush all the time so kind of sort of.
Septic company:  Would you like to schedule an appointment?
me thinking what kind of question is that I just told you our toilets won't flush.  Verbal answer:  Yes can someone be here around 4.  DH is the keeper of the credit card and he will be home by then.
Septic company:  4pm today or tomorrow.
me:  my turn big sigh...I would prefer today since the toilets won't flush every time.
me:  So how much is this going to cost?
Septic company:  Since we do not know how big your septic tank is anywhere from $200-$300.
me:  Wait how big is the normal septic tank?
Septic company:  around 1,000 -1,500 gallons
me:  I live in a very old house with a very old septic tank, I know that it is not anywhere close to being that large.
Septic company:  We'll see....

Septic tank guy arrived just after DH arrived home.  I spent 20 minutes running up and down the stairs flushing toilets to make sure that it was just the septic tank and not something more serious.  Good news everything is flowing freely!  Cost $200 not bad considering it needs to be done about every 10 years so as a reminder when I am about 60 it will need to be done again.  Also we do have a small tank it is only about 500 gallons. 

 Whew my thankful posts are getting long....
 Have you seen the Broken Herringbone that was made by Molli Sparkles?  If you are into modern it is fab, and even if you aren't it is gorgeous.  Anyway Molli decided to host a QAL.  #MSBHQAL (I did not participate, I am learning to say "NO")(but I did save the tutorial).  Today was the final linky.  Check it out some beautiful quilts and some fun blogs to read too.

I did get a wee bit of sewing done today, even though DH was home. 

Yep all the barns are done or caught up at least!

I started working on a quickie project that I need to finish and  get into the mail for my mother's birthday it is coming up fast! 

How was your Wednesday?


  1. Ugh! We're going through something similar with leaky windows. Getting someone reliable, affordable and knowledgeable seems to be an impossible dream!

  2. yeah, owning a home is a lot of work keeping it up but it is worth it most times.
    I like the pumpkins in your barn.


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