Sunday, November 24, 2013

Grace to Accept

Being reasonable is not always my strong point, but there are days that I am more reasonable than others.  The Youngest daughter's vehicle has been broke down for a couple of weeks.  DH has offered to pick it up and bring it home to work on it, he is a mechanic after all, and it is easier to work in the garage/barn with all his tools.  But the daughters SO  (significant other) insists that he can fix it.  SO diagnosis was it needed a new alternator.  DH offered to pick one up for them since he gets a discount.  DH started asking what was going on exactly and determined that actually it is a starter problem.  Then the argument began.  The SO says that the youngest daughter needs to trust his opinion, the daughter just wants a vehicle that runs so she is not "stuck" at home with 4 children under the age of 7.  I am thankful for age, and I hope some wisdom which comes with that age.  Wisdom is knowing that I do not know everything  and having the grace to accept expertise and help when it is offered.

I am still feeling a little on the downside after my procedure.  Ran to the LQS and got my fabric for my Christmas Exchange, and ran to the post office to mail the strips for the one strip swap which was finished.

I cleaned up my wallpaper mess in the bedroom upstairs which will eventually hold my quilt frame.

I used my additional fabric acquisition to cut my remaining pieces and started sewing.

The problem with sewing on different sewing machines is that each one has a different quarter inch mark.  I thought I had measured before I started to sew on my Christmas project since I had pulled out Jane the Singer 500A.
I got all the HST sewn and measured they just did not look right.
Yep I am 1/8th of an inch off on both and that is a bit too much.  Sew guess who is unsewing tonight?

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  1. yes, with age comes wisdom, ask me how I know. lol
    hope you have a better day today.


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