Sunday, November 3, 2013

Osage Oranges, Hedge Apples and Thankfulness

Do you know what a Hedge Apple are?  They are also called Osage Oranges.

DH talked about them all the time, but I had never seen one.  I looked it up on the internet and learned that they are mostly grown in the Southern, and Midwest states.  Many were planted during the dust bowl years to create wind breaks to inhibit the loss of top soil caused by over farming.

Halloween evening, which was blustery and rainy, DH took me to where he used to pick them up as a boy.  That field, and hedge of trees is gone, and where there were empty fields, houses on extremely large lots.  Along one of the back roads though was a house, and in the front was a row of about 8 trees, and on the ground were a bunch or these weird spheres.  We were fortunate enough that the man who owned the house was just pulling in, and when we asked he told us we could just pick up as many as we wanted for free.  I managed to locate a shopping bag full.  From what I understand they can be used in your house to repel spiders, ants, cockroaches, and mice. Just make sure you set them into some sort of container, because if they get bumped they seep a whitish liquid which is extremely sticky. I think I may attempt at growing some trees myself. 

Recently many of my friends have been posting on their blogs or Facebook things they are thankful for.  I think it is a wonderful idea, and after the past couple of weeks I think it more important than ever to remind myself of all the things I need to be thankful for.

Day 1-  I have been fortunate enough to have 8 healthy grandchildren born to my daughters.  Just recently a very good friend's daughter experienced a difficult pregnancy which ended in the baby being born premature.  He had many medical problems and passed away several days after being born.  Our love and prayers are with the family at this time.

I did manage to get a wee bit of sewing in. I made the block for another barn.  It is called Canning time.  DH says they look like hand grenades. 
I have 2 barns to make to go with the canning jar, and basket blocks.  I just need to select the fabrics. 


  1. now that is a strange looking fruit? I don't even know what to call it.
    Yes, healthy grandchildren is something to be very thankful for.
    I love your jars. Funny how your husband sees them.

  2. You can buy hedge apples in stores sometimes. I have been tempted to pick some up a time or two. =)


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